Private Lessons

(30 min / 45 min / 1 hour)

  • private lessons gives the player the best opportunity to refine their tennis. One on one coaching. Everything is focused on the players improvement technically and mentally
  • The player will be learning all the modern tennis techniques.

Shared lessons

(2 players)

  • Match play between two players
  • Focus on technique


(Children & Adults)

  • Players establish practice habits
  • Focus on match play
  • Increased social interaction

Adult Crazy Cardio

  • Get Fit!
  • High Energy fitness sessions
  • Delivers the ultimate full body, calorie burning aerobic workout
  • A Fun group activity for anyone at any playing level

Tigger Tennis

(Ages 3-6 years)
“Tigger Tennis” is a program designed to develop early ball skills to young 3-6year olds. We focus on hand, eye and footwork coordination. This is the foundation needed to become a tennis player. As they improve we add rackets and mini courts. We cater for every child individually and the level they are at. The program is a fun learning environment and inspires young children to play tennis and develop the love of the sport.Tigger Tennis uses team activities, swing ball, relays, catching and throwing games, footwork skills for overall physical development.

Mini Tennis

(Ages 6-8years)

  • Red dot balls
  • Mini Courts


Adult Squads

  • Creates an intense but enjoyable training environment to develop players game and fitness level
  • Each session includes a unique mix of drills, footwork, court strategy and match play

Also offer

  • Holiday Clinics (3 days)
  • Pirates Junior Social
  • Mini Round Robin Tournament using beginner red dot, orange dot and green dot balls